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I received this e-mail about an hour ago from Senator Dodd’s campaign:

Today I announced that after 35 years of representing the people of Connecticut in the United States Congress, I will not be a candidate for re-election this November.

I want to express my deepest gratitude to the people of Connecticut for the remarkable privilege of being elected eight times over the past four decades to our national assembly.

You have honored me beyond words with your confidence.

Let me quickly add that there have been times when my positions and actions have caused some of you to question that confidence. I regret that, but it is equally important that you know I never wavered in my determination to do the best job for our state and nation. I love my job as your Senator, I always have, and still do. However, this past year has raised some challenges that insisted I take stock of my life.

He goes on to write that he is resigning so that he can see more of his children. I kid you not.

I’m going to refrain from commenting for now. Recent events have left a stain on what is, on balance, a worthy career as a public servant. As I wrote, I’m beyond second chances right now, but there’s something to be said for perspective and forgiveness. I just don’t have much of the former in me at the moment.

This retirement leaves an open seat in the upcoming election. Until Joe Lieberman, the state had been reliably electing Democrats to the Senate for roughly thirty years, so it seems unlikely to change.



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