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EDA Study Shows 2008 CA Prop 8 Results Appear to Have Been Corrupted Read more: EDA Study Shows 20

Just posting the abstract, but for those who really get into statistics, there's plenty of detail at the link.  What an interesting thing to get pointed out, certainly no one was seriously thinking fraudulent voting machines right after the results came out – but if this is true, who is behind it?

Exhaustive analysis of exit polls conducted in Los Angeles County has led to the inescapable conclusion that the vote count for Proposition 8 (the ban on same-sex marriage) may have been corrupted. The data were drawn from questionnaires filled out by 6326 voters at 10 polling places scattered across Los Angeles County, and were properly adjusted to match the gender, age, race, and party affiliation of the electorate.

For Proposition 4 (which would have required parental notification and a waiting period for minors seeking abortions), the official results differ from the adjusted exit poll data by only 0.64%. But for Proposition 8, the disparity between the official results and the adjusted exit poll data is 5.74%, enough to affect the margin by 11.48%.

Because Los Angeles County comprised 24.23% of the statewide electorate, an error of that magnitude would have affected the statewide margin by 2.78%, accounting for most of the official 4.48% statewide margin of victory.

There were not enough Republican voters to account for the disparity between the exit poll and the official results even if every Republican non-responder voted for Proposition 8. The Edison-Mitofsky exit poll showed a similar disparity statewide, indicating that altered vote counts may not be limited to Los Angeles County.

Read more: EDA Study Shows 2008 CA Prop 8 Results Appear to Have Been Corrupted | Election Defense Alliance
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