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FDL Video Vault: The Best Smackdowns of 2009

You know a good one when you see it, the kind of smackdown you can refer to in a couple of words and others immediately nod their heads and say, “Oh hell yeah, THAT one, that must have left a mark!”

2009 yielded a bumper crop of juicy ones; we’ve got a list of some of the best compiled by our video gurus for your enjoyment, presented here in no particular order. Just treat them like a box of chocolates — take a bite of any one of them and enjoy.

Which one is your favorite? Do share in comments.

1) Arianna Huffington Smacks Jane Mayer for Fear-mongering

2) Countdown: Rachel Maddow on Stupak – counters and smacks cowardly anti-choice forces

3) MSNBC’s Tamron Hall Smacks GOP’s Trent Duffy for Continuing the “Death Panel” Lie

4) Chris Matthews Smacks Down Birther Rep. Campbell; Makes Him Admit Obama is U.S. Citizen

5) Jonathan Alter smacks down RNC Chair Michael Steele and Senator Mitch McConnell on MSNBC

6) Al Franken Shuts Down Joe Lieberman on the Senate Floor

7) Professor Paul Krugman on This Week – shuts down Sam Donaldson’s nonsense

8) Markos Moulitsas Destroys Tom Tancredo on MSNBC; Angry Tancredo Walks Off Set

9) Rachel Maddow-guest Lawrence Wilkerson destroys Dick Cheney

10) 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. – Maria Bartiromo destroys Mort Zuckerman on executive pay, Part 1

11) 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. – Maria Bartiromo destroys Mort Zuckerman on executive pay, Part 2

I have a couple smackdowns which didn’t make our video list though, no fault of our magical video masters who are always right on top of the day’s news. Who can ever forget the hosing which Jon Stewart gave CNBC’s Rick Santelli after Santelli “bailed out” as a guest? And who can ever forget the drubbing Stewart gave Jim Cramer shortly after? It was enough to make one think about putting all their money in a hole in the backyard rather than give it to so-called experts like Cramer.  Here they are for your amusement, the Santelli smackdown first:

And the Cramer beatdown as a finale!

Bon appetit; bring on the next batch of smackdowns for 2010!

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