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Right Winger Who Is Proud to Be on FDL

I am a tea baggin’ right wing, generally anti war, ok with common sense government, Ron Paul supporter, who can hopefully contribute to FDL.

Though I’m sure most of the members and on this site and myself won’t agree on many specific issues, I caught Jane getting verbally creamed by the nutcases on Kos and some other places in the media, and I admire her guts and backbone.
Comments on my following thoughts, good or bad, are appreciated.

I believe in a limited government, and in the power of free market capitalism to let people prosper, however, I also recognize and despise these giant corporations who are so interwoven in our political system, that even someone who specifically campaigned on "Change" (Obama) becomes bedfellows with this insidious culture of corruption. Examples are the tobacco bill and this whole disaster of a Healthcare bill, that FKS ALL of us over and gives a windfall to the Insurance companies via this dictatorial idea of mandates.

I firmly believe that the combining of a few good Conservative (the word Republican leaves a bad taste in my mouth) ideas and a common sense public option for the poor and non-insured would not be that hard to accomplish and would have 80% public support. Only a handful of stalinists on the left and a handful of neocons (people who still think Bush was a good president)on the right would find fault with this.
As much as I disagree with Obama on many issues, he would be an instant national hero should be come out and say he will veto this hideous bill that comes out of Congress, and wants a new, simple 100 page Public Option bill. It would be paid for by billions from the Slush fun-, I mean, Stimulus package, combined with regulating the insurance industry to prevent them from dropping people, companies being able to compete over state lines, tort reform, and ripping Big Pharma’s profits out of the process. I AS A CONSERVATIVE, WOULD SUPPORT IT!
Someone on this site please tell me this why this can or can’t be done simply, without huge govn’t intrusion/expansion, and solving many problems while taking care of REAL PEOPLE who need it!!

While I am a conservative and most of you are liberals, our forces must come together in a massive way to defeat this fascist mandated crap they are trying to force onto us!

I will take a solid liberal in office, who supports REAL CHANGE for REAL PEOPLE, any day, rather than a Republican neocon who is on the corporate "payroll". The 2010 elections should be about changing our Congress to one for the People, left or right, and crushing those, Dem or Repub, who support the Military-Industrial complex that Eisenhower warned us about nearly 50 years ago.

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