No paranoids please, this is a restricted conspiracy

We are watching you and --- oh ferchistsakes! Would it kill you to put pants on? Over at Andy Breitbart’s BigGov they’re fussin’ and fumin’ and talkin’ revolution because Barry from the Kenyan Block just gave a secret “we don’ need no steekin badges” Stay Out Of Jail card to Interpol and it wasn’t the moody popster Interpol guys.

This story has begun to make the rounds at some other blogs and web sites. Some scream about the on-set of the New World Order, some merely question the timing, motives and logic behind such a move while we are still fighting foreign wars and under threat of attack from Al Qaeda and other international terrorist bodies. I certainly don’t walk down the New World Order/One World Government path, I don’t look good in tin-foil hats… but, I do wonder why this move was made so quietly and why the White House Press Corps has not made any hay about it.

The answer to that can be found here but never mind that, because, as they say, there are wheels within wheels, man and the conspiracy is so deep that everyone, and I mean EVERYONE is involved.

Meet commenter Scott Groves of North Carolina:

We’ve been twittering about this all week long, and no one from any news organization has touched this story. Jake Tapper asked a couple of questions about it to the WH and was ignored, then after that, Tapper wrote a fluff piece saying this was no big deal. Tapper is a closet commie like the rest of the news agencies are. I’ll be very disappointed if Beck, O’Riely or Hannity don’t cover this story. If they don’t, we’ll know that they are going along with this agenda also and can’t be trusted.

We are no longer the USA with this Executive Order signed, we have lost our sovereignty to the UN. Our politicians and media have sold us out to the global governance of the elites. The Constitution has now been totally shredded, and is no longer a valid document according to the traitors in DC.

Oh, if only Scott Groves would leave Real America North Carolina and go to Not America  Washington DC, bringing some of that commonsense conservatism we keep hearing about with him.

Oh wait:

I'll give you my my 1:24 scale NASCAR replicas when you take them from my cold dead hands

* Name Scott Groves
* Location Charlotte, NC
* Bio I am hoping to run for the House seat of NC Dist. 12 in 2010, everything depends on if my wife and I can survive financially until then.

Hooray! We’re saved! Unless “Beck, O’Riely or Hannity don’t” endorse him because, well, you know….

Remember: Mums the word.

Dumb is another word that also comes to mind.

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