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New Year “Resolutions” are BS. Don’t make them

Are you feeling guilt-ridden and low thanks to the endless advice on how to live your life better, now that a couple numbers on the end of an arbitrary, euro-centric calendar have flipped over? Don’t. Ignore the lifestyle fascists. Live your life – and afford the same courtesy to others.

Is there any evidence that your life or your world would be improved by internalizing "advice" from know-it-alls and do-gooders? Highly unlikely. Most smokers don’t die from smoking. Coffee and red wine are good for you. Ignore the puritans. Bottoms up.

Instead, you may consider the following areas of interest for 2010 – or don’t, who am I to say?

  • Fight Health(sic) Care(sic) Reform(sic). Resist (or continue to resist) pressure from the Party apparatchiks at the Big Orange to support the Senate health bill. In a sane world, the idea that one private citizen’s property would be transfered to another, at the point of a gun, would be rejected as utterly laughable and hopelessly unConstitutional. Instead, it is about to become our neo-feudal nightmare.
  • Get a mammogram or a prostate exam, while you can.
  • Support candidates who genuinely support ending the American empire and bringing our troops home. It’s a short list, but notable ones are Kucinich, Ron Paul, and Adam Kokesh. There may be others – support them with dollars and time.
  • Eat more Kale. Few things are better for you and better for the "environment".
  • Ignore the financial "pundits". They know nothing. Don’t save more dollars. Sell your treasury bonds — you’re about to get creamed. Get some mortgage debt while you can. Buy some gold, or better yet, silver or palladium. Do your own research. Don’t take "advice" from anyone — including me.
  • Buy a handgun and a rifle and learn how to use them. A Glock 19 and a Ruger 10/22 are ideal.
  • Become more self-sufficient. Governments and Big Business hate subjects who are independent in thought and deed. Shorten your food supply chain by buying food locally. Better still, grow some of your own. Chickens and ducks are easy, nutritious and great pets. Sprouts are a wonderful addition to your diet and require very little work.
  • Continue to support Jane’s outreach to libertarians. We have miles to go before our "unholy alliance" will drift apart. Our common enemies are the enemies of peace, freedom, and prosperity. We’re on your side — for now.
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