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Looking Back at National Review’s Predictions for 2009 (Hint: They’re All Wrong)

cmmiss_cleoLet’s take a peek at what the fine writers at America’s Shittiest Website™ predicted what would happen in 2009.

John Derbyshire:

The Karzai government will cut a power-sharing deal with the Taliban.



By the end of 2009, the biggest problem facing the U.S. economy will be rampant inflation.


Mark Hemingway:

The rise of the oceans will begin to slow and our planet will begin to heal.



Jeb Bush will run for Senate.

Wishful thinking, and wrong.


The push for climate-change legislation will intensify as the Obama administration targets more dollars to “green jobs,” even though 2009 will be the coldest in years and the “temporary halt” of global warming will enter its second decade.

Hilariously wrong.

Conclusion: people who suck ass at analyzing events in real time really, really shouldn’t try to do it a year in advance.

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