Tea Partiers Call for National Strike, Facebookers Strike Back

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The American Tea Party is a calling for a National Strike which if logically extrapolated means boycotting pretty much everything for a whole day and not spending one thin dime: Not turning on any electricity, making a cup of coffee, going to work, watching TV (not even Fox!), showering, or using the phone or intertoobs, since everything we do in this society funds corporations who in turn donate money to both parties, employ people of every partisan stripe–like liburuls and maybe even atheists–and advertise in all media including those “socialist” organs like the New York Times, CNN and MSNBC.

January 20, 2010 we will demonstrate our power and reach to those companies who employ individuals backing the leftist agenda in every major city, every congressional district and every small rural town in America to spread one unified message. That message is simple: Stop funding socialism. When they refuse to stop backing the major opponents of Liberty, liberal media outlets and socialist leaning elected officials, then we proceed to financially cripple them…

We will march on the offices and overwhelm with communication of select primary advertisers to the major media outlets in the nation to demand that they stop funding slanted news and covering up the corruption of politicians in both parties that are destroying our nation. These companies are not misguided or misunderstanding in what they are doing.

This actually sounds like what liberals and progressives in those darned pesky European countries do. Except this is an American strike, not some funny talking bunch of furriners. So far there are

nearly 3,000 people signed up on the facebook page and this website with 2,000 more on twitter.

willing to

stop those who would seek to “fundamentally transform this nation” as some on the lunatic left have boasted and are now delivering. So how do you stop someone who has large donors, labor union thugs, Hollywood elites and major media propagating our destruction? You take their advantages away from them.

Wow. I’m really worried! Five thousand angry tea partiers not  spending any money. Except, in order to protest, they’ll have to buy paper and pens for signs beforehand, then buy gas and snacks, put money in parking meters, or take public transportation on the day of–all actions contrary to striking an economic blow…

If this first peaceful strike doesn’t work

we will be back on February 27, 2009 and we will march again against you. The February march will come with a national boycott of all of the companies that do not stop donating to people like Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Chris Dodd et al.


Now a group on Facebook is countering by urging

If you need to get gas, buy necessities, or go grocery shopping during the week of January 20th, try and do so on January 20th itself. In theory, this small flood of business will help negate any “boycott” that the Teaparties attempt.

And they want to take their protests a step further using the legal means of decorating dollar bills.

Write anti-teaparty slogans in RED INK on dollar bills and use (or otherwise distribute) them that day. Or any and all other days, if you’re so motivated. Black or any other color ink is fine too- it’s just that red ink is the most noticeable.

Contrary to popular belief, writing messages on a dollar bill is NOT A CRIME. It’s only a crime if the intent is to commit fraud by obscuring or altering the bill’s value.

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