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Now this is gay racism

I decided to monitor the story of the killing of Indiana University professor Don Belton on the other blogs just because…

The victim was black (and gay) and the alleged murderer was white (and on the DL).

As I wrote in the comment thread already active here in the Blend, there is a stark difference between the blogs that posted the story with no picture or simply a picture of Belton and those blogs that posted a picture of Belton and accused murderer Michael Griffin.……Now either these particular sites have quite a few trolls trying to stir up batshit or white and presumably gay people actually defending Griffin because he’s white and cute and an ex-Marine.

I’ll let you judge for yourselves but here was my comment on queerty.

But…if this was a white professor and a black murderer or maybe even if Griffin’s murderer was black, this thread would already have ~125 posts, Terrwill wuld have already dropped one of his “subhuman savage bombs,” there would be 50 posts talking about the “horrific, virulent homophobia of the black community, and about 25…no, make it 35 posts calling the murderer a nigger.

And you damn sure wouldn’t see any posts talking about how cute the murderer is.

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