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Love The Rich

everybody loves the rich
loves to hate them
to suck up to them
to be one of them

some day if we organize
they’ll invite us
to their party
the best of everything

and only for the best

they’ll say here’s to you
you keep us going
give us hope
we count on you
more champagne?

oh just a little we’ll say
we’re organizing a vigil later
for the workers

good for you they’ll say
keep those workers working
tell them some day soon
we’ll have a big clean-up
job for them

but there aren’t going to be
any workers at our vigil
we’ll say
they’re all working

oh that’s wonderful they’ll say
take some wine and cheese with you
it’s cold out there
and keep up the struggle
you know power to the people
or whatever

yes don’t you just love the rich
love them to death

when the rich take a shit
they shit diamonds and gold
and it smells like
everything you’ve
always dreamed about
everything in all those books

and they can power
the whole world
on a single turd

Peter Buknatski
Montpelier, Vt.

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