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Shorter National Review: A Failed Terror Attack Would Never Happen on Bush’s Watch

In case you were wondering, the failed bombing of Flight 253 is all Obama’s fault.

The effect of firing  DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano would be symbolic only. […] As long as the boss remains invincibly callow toward the threat of terrorism, his underlings are likely to reflect that mindset.

Andy McCarthy:

The people now in charge of our government believe Clinton-era counterterrorism was a successful model. They start from the premise that terrorism is a crime problem to be managed, not a war to be won.

Apparently the right “model” is to suffer the most catastrophic attack in our nation’s history, followed by the Anthrax and DC Sniper killings, then launch two hugely expensive, bloody and unsuccessful wars.


Ashcroft’s view:  organized Islamic terrorists want to kill Americans in a holy war.

Napolitano’s view: Islamic terrorist attacks are merely “man caused disasters” by disturbed  individuals  — who should be assumed to be acting alone as criminals, not terrorists, despite credible evidence —   while peaceful “rightwing extremists” should be given extra scrutiny on the assumption they could well be terrorists.

Peaceful rightwing extremists like Tim McVeigh, who was responsible for the bloodiest act of terrorism in US history before Bush and Cheney failed to protect America on 9/11.

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