Any legal tender with a white man in the center

This is not for you, America. You get fucking BransonWhile hard-working honest God-fearin’ commonsense conservative Americans shiver in their shotgun shacks, gnawing on government cheese, and burning their 401K statements for warmth, the Royal Obama family is laughing it up in Hawaiikenyastan. This makes Jim Hoft bitter and angry and more incomprehensible than usual:

Back in January, before he signed his failed $787 billion stimulus bill into law, Barack Obama told America that everyone must sacrifice for the greater good. Everyone must have “some skin in the game.”

What he meant, of course, was that everyone would have to sacrifice to lift American out of the worst recession since the Great Depression except for Barack and Michelle Obama.

This week the Obamas are staying at an $8.9 million estate for an estimated $4000 per night.

Kristinn at Free Republic reported that First Lady Michelle was photographed last night in Hawaii wearing $635 per pair designer shoes by Maison Martin Margiela.

Because everyone knows that the way out of a recession is for all of the people with money to Go Galt with that money and not spend it until…. something something something happens.

Then: boom economy, y’all!

Oddly, this runs counter to previous economic orthodoxy:

Western leaders, worried about the possibility of a recession fueled by terrorist attacks in the United States, are urging their citizens to spend money, take vacations and buy new cars and homes.

Jean Chretien, George Bush and Tony Blair yesterday all called on consumers not to be spooked by the cataclysmic attacks of Sept. 11.

Mr. Bush urged Americans to “get on the airlines, get about the business of America” as he announced improved security measures on commercial flights.

Mr. Blair used a news conference at 10 Downing St. to appeal to the British public to return to everyday life, including their usual spending habits, to fend off recession.

“People in this country ask what should they do at a time like this,” Mr. Blair said. “The answer is that they should go about their daily lives: to work, to live, to travel and to shop — to do things in the same way as they did before Sept. 11.”

And Mr. Chretien urged Canadians to face down terrorists with their wallets.

“Don’t cancel your plans … we have to keep the travel and tourism industry alive. It is the way to fight back,” the Prime Minister told almost 500 people at a Liberal fundraising dinner last night in St. John’s.

Mr. Chretien observed that interest rates have been cut to the lowest level in years, “so it is time to go out and get a mortgage, to buy a home, to buy a car.”

Some American officials are even calling a trip to the mall an act of patriotism as the United States tries to rebound and rebuild.

Rudolph Giuliani, the Mayor of New York, has said that his battered city needs “the best shoppers in the world” to return to restaurants, Broadway shows and shops.

And local officials in Florida have declared this weekend “Freedom Weekend,” a time for people to do their patriotic duty and spend money.

“Go out and contribute to the economy,” Alex Penelas, the Miami-Dade County Mayor, said at a news conference yesterday. “As my wife said, it has never been more patriotic to go shopping.”

Obviously the problem is that the Obama’s are flashing their cash in a foreign and exotic land as opposed to Real America. Why do the Obama’s hate Branson?

I mean, besides the obvious reasons….

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