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Alabama Party Switcher Steals Data On The Way Out The Door

This is a few days old, but it appeared to have miraculously escaped the news cycle. It seems that after Parker Griffith left the Democrats, but before he drew half of North Alabama as an opponent, he stole a bunch of voter data from the state Democratic Party.

A US House representative from Alabama took voter registration information from Democratic Party offices before defecting to the GOP, the Alabama branch of the Democratic Party says […]

The Alabama Democratic Party issued a statement Wednesday accusing Griffith’s political consultancy, Main Street Strategies, of downloading “sensitive voter identification data that was the property of the Alabama Democratic Party.”

“This final act was obviously intended to aid Mr. Griffith in his new role as a Republican candidate. Upon hearing of Mr. Griffith’s switch, security measures were taken to prevent further transfers of data,” the statement read.

Even though the “sensitive” voter data helped elect Griffith in 2008, “in the wee hours before he became a Republican, Parker Griffith’s political operatives, with full knowledge of what was occurring, went online and downloaded our confidential records,” Alabama Democratic Party Chairman Joe Turnham said.

Data of this type can be used in voter targeting and are typically guarded zealously.

Mooncat adds that the only one of Griffith’s consultants not to resign after his party switch was Joey Ceci, who runs Main Street Strategies. As a result of all this, Artur Davis, who is running for Governor in Alabama, accepted Ceci’s resignation last week.

Ceci is a two-time board member of the Business Council of Alabama, which is essentially an adjunct to the state’s Chamber of Commerce. The President of the Business Council is Bill Canary, the politically powerful close friend to Karl Rove. He and his wife are implicated in the Don Siegelman case. Canary reportedly said on a conference call in 2002 that Siegelman would not be a problem for re-election because he would be prosecuted by the federal government, and his wife Leura was the US Attorney who ended up prosecuting the case.

Let’s just say that, based on Griffith’s friends and associates, theft is probably the least damning thing he has done.

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David Dayen

David Dayen