Calling in (sic)

Outside consultants are not pleased with your performance

NRO “Editor” Jonah Goldberg is not pleased with that woman named after three flavors of ice cream all at one time which is normally ‘awesome’ and ‘proof of God’ to Jonah:

Understandbly(sic), the White House is trying very hard to get out in front of the would-be Christmas bomber story. The head of the Department of Homeland Security isn’t helping. I watched her on three shows and each time she was more annoying, maddening and absurd than the pevious(sic) appearance.


Napolitano has a habit of arguing that DHS is a first responder outfit. Its mission is to deal with “man-caused-disasters” afer(sic) they occur. It appears she really believes it. If the White House wants to assure people that it takes the war on terror seriously (a term Robert Gibbs used this morning by the way), they could start by firing this patenly(sic) unqualified hack.

I remember when the National Review editorial board demanded the resignation of National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice after they discovered an unread copy of Bin Laden Determined to Strike US under a stack of InStyles and Jimmy Choo catalogs in her office, and how Donald Rumsfeld had to wrestle the tant? away from Rice when she attempted seppuku. Only by promoting Condoleezza to Secretary of State was she able to reclaim her lost honor, hold her head up high, and go do a little shopping .

I guess it is also worth noting that, if we went around firing people for saying or writing something ranging from, say, the awkward to the dumb, Jonah Goldberg would have run out of umemployment benefits about seven years ago.

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