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“What We must Do Now to get the Public Option”

How we can still get a Public Option and /or Medicare Buy-In

Like many progressives, I feel that now is the time to get Healthcare Reform Right, even if there are those in Washington that do not, or those that are willing to compromise on life. Once again mainstreet has to take the lead.

I asked Jane Hamsher for her thoughts on the following message and she thought that I should post it on the diary for your feedback.

The most important thing is this, if the Healthcare bill signed by Pres. Obama is pretty much the same as the Senate bill, then we must act quickly. now and into the spring to get amendments to it, because if we wait too long, .people will become complacent, the insurance companies, stronger, and the momentum will die down. We need to keep the momentum up and even build on it. Some of the politicians are saying we can build on it later, but the time is now. We can’t wait another generation.

This is the Plan:
I am suggesting a mass protest on Washington that is larger than any teabag protest, and one that the national press can’t ignore. What we do leading up to it is important to ensure that we have a huge success that includes supporters bused from every state in the nation. If we, the progressives got Obama in the White House, we can get a good Healthcare bill in the House, with or without him. Since it is apparent that the Senate is running the show, let’s deal with them.

This sounds like a huge campaign, but with dozens of progressive groups with campaign experience, unions, individuals and politicians out there, that believe in the cause, we can pool our resources together for a common cause and get it done. Success is in numbers, and while the various groups work hard, I know collectively we can get it done. Unity is the key.

1) A good starting point, would be to get as many groups as possible to poll their sites or members with the question “Would you attend a mass protest in Washington this spring to demand an amendment to the healthcare bill to include the Public Option and other changes? "
2) Meanwhile we let the politicians know we’re not done, by sending e-mails etc. to those who support the Public Option, letting them know we expect their continued support.
3) We immediately let those who opposed the Public Option, that from day one we will be working to get them out of office.
4) We will need to get more information to limited information voters (there’s a lot), directing them to websites to get real information in simple terms. (this can increase our numbers)
5) Close to the Protest Date, we run whole page ads about the protest and where to find the truth about healthcare in newspapers in strategic locations around the country (some donors may be willing to buy a whole page)
6) And if we can raise the money, even a few TV ads and Donations for buses for people that want to attend but, can’t afford to travel.

I do have more details for the protest, which of course are subject to revision. But for now, I want to test the waters to see if the interest and support to continue the fight for Healthcare is still with us, and I’d appreciate a response to this question:

“Would you attend a mass protest in Washington this spring to demand amendments to the healthcare bill to include the Public Option and other changes? " and also, would you urge other progressive groups that you may or may not be affiliated with to participate?


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