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Obamacare’s Beautiful and Crazy Numbers

The United States spent about $2.4 trillion on healthcare in 2008, and not even Obama claims that Obamacare will significantly reduce costs in the near future.

So for a population of about 300 million, we spend and will continue to spend something very close to $8000 per citizen per year on healthcare.

Meanwhile Jonathan Taplin and many other writers have been quoting some very beautiful and very crazy numbers apparently deduced from estimates by the Congressional Budget Office by MIT economist Jonathan Gruber, annointed as the Democratic Party’s "most influential health-care expert" by the Washington Post for his "pragmatic" rejection of single-payer or a public option.

So when Jonathan Taplin et al. quote Jonathan Gruber about Obamacare, they are quoting a guy who has been banging that drum ever since he was hatched.


This chart gives the impression that more or less everybody will get a free lunch, and even relatively affluent citizens with a family income over $72,000 will only be on the hook for about $16,000 for a family of four… about half the average healthcare costs per annum for four average citizens of the United States, and somehow the near-majority of us with family incomes less than $48,000 will pay a maximum of about $2500 apiece for healthcare which will continue to cost $8000 apiece (or more) in the foreseeable future.

The enormous "bullshit gap" between rosy projections and economic reality is only slightly narrowed by about $87 billion per annum in federal subsidies, representing less than 4% of annual healthcare costs in the USA, and all the rest of it has been disappeared under an ever-changing variety of bogus projections by the Bullshitter-in-Chief and his playmates.

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