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FDL Book Salon – Annual Wrap-Up

Books - Bev 1 aHappy Holidays to all.

I want to thank you for your lively discussions and comments on our Book Salons. You are what makes the FDL Book Salon a must for many authors now.  And most of the authors comment on how much they enjoyed the quality of the discussions.

This past year the FDL Book Salon has had a multitude of books, starting the year with Van Jones, The Green Collar Economy and ending with John Dean, Blind Ambition: The End of the Story.

We have had legendary Economists, Robert D. Auerbach, William Greider, James K. Galbraith; Nobel Laureates, Nathaniel Raymond, and Pulitzer Prize Winners and Nominees, Phillip Dray, Deborah Nelson, Douglas A. Blackmon; Billionaire, George Soros, Senator Byron Dorgan, Governors Howard Dean and Tom Ridge, Journalists Helen Thomas and Craig Crawford, Thomas E. Ricks, Bradley Graham, Matt Taibbi, Rana Husseini, Paul McGough, David Neiwert, Rick Perlstein, and a great WPA / WWII Poster art book from Ennis Carter.  There are so many more authors, I just could not list them all.

I take recommendations, if you see a book coming out that you think will be a good fit for the Book Salon – please let me know (firedoglakebooksalon AT gmail DOT com).  And stop by the Book Salon Page to see the scheduled and upcoming salons.  The picture above shows the books on my desk that have just come in recently.

I have four extra copies of James Hoggan’s excellent book, Climate Cover-Up: The Crusade to Deny Global Warming – they will go to the first four readers to request a copy at the email address above.

Let’s discuss the books you liked, the ones you didn’t, and the ones you would like to see in the future.

Happy New Year!

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