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Come Saturday Morning: Thinking of Spring

gardenette 005aEven as the snow and cold rain fall, I can’t help but start thinking of spring.

The days are getting longer, inching back from the darkness, and though it’ll take a while for this to make itself felt here, I feel almost as if spring is halfway here already.

I can’t wait to see which of my alleged perennials have survived a winter of benign neglect on my deck. I suspect that the rosemary will make it, but that the strawberries won’t, which is the opposite of how these things are supposed to go. My chives will probably live, though I’m not optimistic on the leek or the shallots. Oh, well, I’ve got more where those came from.

Reminds me: I should start checking out the garden supply stores pretty soon, if I plan to sprout tomatoes from seed this year. What about you?

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Phoenix Woman