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Avatar, Joseph Campbell & you

James Cameron’s film "Avatar" is clearly the next in the Star Wars, Lord of the Rings line of Movies. Avatar’s basic mythic teachings such as resource struggles and honoring our environment is older than the American Indian teachings (See Joseph Campbell).

Avatar is a film about humans that look and sound like greedy Americans attempting to use military force to steal a rare resource called Unobtainium, obvious joke, from the indigenous people. How hidden is that? Unobtainium = oil and the indigenous = Iraq . . . duh?. Also, unless I am memory impaired this Unobtainium was not necessary for the invaders simply very highly prized.

Even though Chicago Sun-Times, Roger Ebert noted that "Avatar" "has a flat-out Green and anti-war message" that is "predestined to launch a cult." I find it interesting that the indigenous begot violence with more violence – where was the Ghandi and Martin Luther King like non-violent change? Oh, yeah, that does NOT sell movies.

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