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The Matlock!!! Christmas Special

broder regularityAh, a very special Christmas edition — a David Broder column spreading fantasies of bipartisan cooperation. Nobody tell him the truth about Santa Claus.

For the Dean says now that health care “reform” is nigh, it must be stopped. No, not to make it better stopped, to make it worse — in some sort of bizarro world Broder spouts forth:

even those Republicans who were initially inclined to [favor health care reform] — and there were at least a handful of them — were turned away by the White House and the Senate Democratic leaders, who never lifted their sights much beyond the Democratic ranks.

Um, yeah. Name ’em!

And how could Obama help things, by making it even more Republican:

It would help a lot if he reached out personally to those few Republicans who might still want to improve the bill rather than sink it.

Yeah, they’d sure “improve” the bill. God forbid Broder contemplate progressives being listened to for once.

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