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Seminal Watercooler – Casual Lies and the Climate Change Deniers

Fox News has adopted a loathsome practice in an attempt to influence attitudes on climate change. This story on how a snowstorm in Europe has affected train travel is one of many examples. (The casual lie comes at the 0:40 mark.)


It’s just an offhand comment with no evidence or explanation, almost a joke. But done consistently, these little jabs will add up to convince the Fox faithful that every blizzard or cold snap that occurs anywhere in the world is a nail in the coffin of climate change theory.

Never mind that anecdotal evidence such as this is scientifically useless, and that it reveals a complete ignorance of the difference between weather and climate – this sort of nefarious tactic shapes public opinion, which shapes both legislation and personal habits, which have a significant impact on the struggle to limit carbon emissions.

What’s on your mind tonight?

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Jim Moss

Jim Moss