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Open Thread: We Need A Little Christmas

Pam and Kate are heading for New York today, so I get to play here on the Blend!

First off: many, many thanks to Orion and Keori! The packages got here yesterday and today, so all kinds of new gifts under the tree. Thanks! 🙂

I found links to one of my favorites: Muppet Family Christmas

Open Thread time and below the fold, a few clips from another favorite, “Muppet Christmas Carol”…

I-love-this-one. Charlie taped it for me our first Christmas together, while I was at work and the songs are what I sing to myself all throughout December:

And this one:

I meant to put this open thread up MUCH sooner, but have been flying around all day- doing generous and kind good deeds,correcting wrongs, saving the day and being just such a good little girl that Santa has GOT to reward all of this Bestest Louise Behavior… 😉

What are you folks up to?

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