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Americans and why real healthcare reform is bad.

The hypocrisy overwhelms me. Maybe I am wrong, but when I hear these Americans, especially conservatives, spouting blanket condemnation of our government, it seems truly anti-American.

Is it true that our government can’t run anything? I have heard exactly that so many times coming out of the mouths of ignorant people that my head spins. If that ridiculous argument was even plausible, then who would be to blame for that? Would it be our leaders, or the fools who elected them? Even nuttier is the premise that our government is incompetent because of liberals! If it is as bad as they are saying, why the hell do they stay here? I would be happy to send them a goodbye card!

Nobody with half a brain would say that we can’t improve many things, but the blanket statement does nothing but foment anger and resentment of the party in “control.” It creates an ideal that can do nothing positive to improve our country. There are a lot of things we do right, otherwise nobody would be risking their life to come here, nobody would wait in hours long lines to vote, nobody would truly care.

There are always a lot of important things to do, and using this argument is not only hypocritical, it is truly counterproductive to any kind of progress. But, at the least, this argument doesn’t require a PHD to counter.

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