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Timely Quotes from Intervention

I was watching tonight’s episode of Intervention, which is a television show about addicts. Professional interventionists help the loved ones of the addict to stage an intervention and if they are successful, the addict’s rehab is paid for by the show. Tonight’s episode featured a man who had been in rehab before for his drinking and drug problems. He did well in rehab, but always relapsed when he returned home because his family would not intervene when he started using again until it got really really bad.

The addict’s mother told the interventionist that she needed someone to tell her it was okay to stop because it didn’t seem natural as a parent to stop enabling her son.

The interventionist’s response was, "Here’s the thing. You are supporting with your life and your emotions and your money stuff you don’t even agree with inside. And if you stop doing that, the odds go up that he gets better because right now he doesn’t have to. You know, we can’t be sending him off to some treatment center so he gets better so you don’t have to grow balls and take a stand…. We can’t be doing this so you don’t have to do the healthy thing."

How many are supporting with their life, their emotions, and their money a health care bill they don’t even agree with inside? I am one of the uninsured who desperately needs health care, but I am not comfortable taking it, even if it were guaranteed to be absolutely free, no copays or deductibles for life, which we all know it is not, if that means selling America to the highest bidder.

If you complained about the government rewarding the banks who caused our economy to crater in the first place, are you okay with rewarding the insurance companies that have had a big part in breaking our health care system?

Were you upset about Congress being so stupid as to give the banks money without getting all the regulation they wanted at the time? Have you railed about how of course they won’t give anything up voluntarily now that they have the money and in fact will lobby hard to prevent regulation? Do you think Obama’s an idiot to think he can shame people like that into doing the right thing? You may need to go to codependency treatment if you are then okay with giving the insurance industry mandates before you get everything that you want. They’re no more likely than bankers to stop fighting tooth and nail once they’ve got what they really wanted. It won’t get better and you won’t fix it later and you can’t shame them or the politicians they’ve bought. They’ve all told you in the last week that they have no shame and no principles. And if you don’t take their telling you that the only thing that really motivates them is getting a bill passed so they can’t be humiliated for losing, if you don’t use that to get what you want in this round when you at least have that, you will always get eaten for lunch. They have already signaled that it won’t just mean that it won’t get better, it will get worse. Stupak vs. Hyde amendment under the biggest Democratic majority in recent history. Discuss.

If you were against Medicare Part D when Bush did it, why would you be for the Senate bill? Ask yourself, if you handed Medicare Part D and the Senate HCR bill to a person who had been in a coma, would that person be able to tell that they were written and passed by different parties with very different platforms? I honestly couldn’t tell they were written by different people. The bottom line is they weren’t. The only difference is that one of the guys doing the writing is a lobbyist now instead of a congressman.

If the Republicans tried to slip into any bill, no matter how much you were for the bill, a Stupak amendment, would you be okay with that? To me, it actually makes it worse that it was Democrats who did that and who have gone along with that. I’m not even considered a feminist in my circles but I have promised Barbara Boxer, and mean it, that she will not have my vote if she goes along with sacrificing women even if she feels it is for a greater good. Isn’t that how all well-meaning people are convinced to do horrible things to those whose good doesn’t belong in the greater category?

Like the interventionist said, this is not going to stop until it has to. The corporate Democrats and Republicans are only able to make our lives hell because we enable them. We can’t blame the teabaggers because there aren’t enough of them to do it alone. Addicts know how to work their enablers and so do politicians. You can’t hope that someone else will magically cart them off to a rehab somewhere and they will come back different and stay different so you don’t have to grow some balls and stand up for your principles. The people who aren’t willing to fight for what they believe in can’t complain about Obama or the Progressive Caucus not standing up and fighting for what they profess to believe in when progressives. I know. I really want them to do their job and fight for me. I want an intervention to get them in line once and for all so I don’t have to be a hardass when that really isn’t the way I like to live my life. But that’s not how it works. You get them in line and keep them in line with the things they fear or it’s a neverending cycle. The way things are going, they might not even go to rehab in the first place, never mind keep from relapsing once they get straightened out.

Even if the worst offenders get voted out, if the voters are not willing to take a stand and stop enabling bad governance and incremental bullshit from any quarters, the voters will still get more of the same. Throwing out Bush only got us Bush lite. Our whole system is addicted to money and power so if you don’t have enough money to counter that, you’d better at least be willing to use your power, all of it, for what you really believe.

If you think Obama wants to keep his campaign promises but just can’t in this messed up system with a messed up Senate, the answer is to fight so hard that you "make them do it." If he wants to go left, he needs the cover of pressure. If you think he doesn’t want to do it and is actually more than happy taking better care of corporate lobbyists than the people, the answer is to fight so hard that you make it politically untenable for him to do so. Either way, we either grow some balls and fight to make it stop or we have only ourselves to blame.

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