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473px-Greggofficial2009Progressives may be upset about the health care bill, but if its any consolation, Republicans are downright suicidal.

Just listen to the “moderate” Judd Gregg (R-NH) bemoaning the end of the United States as we know it.

“We are now functioning under a parliamentary form of government,” says Sen. Judd Gregg (R., N.H.) in a conversation with NRO. “An ideological supermajority in Congress, along with a government run by community organizers, has taken over.”

By “taken over” Gregg presumably means “won the 2006 and 2008 elections.” And by “ideologicial supermajority” Gregg presumably means that the minority party is nonpartisan and pragmatic by comparison. Also, ACORN!!1!!

“They’ve taken over the student-loan program, they’ve taken over the automobile system, and now they’re taking over the health-care system. There is no limit to their belief that people should be controlled by smart bureaucrats in Washington,” says Gregg.

Now I don’t know what the “automobile system” is, but the auto industry bailouts started under socialist community organizer George W. Bush. The student loan bill will save taxpayers nearly $90B over 10 years. And only a crazy person who listens to too much Glenn Beck would call the Senate bill a “government takeover” of health care.

Our system of checks and balances is gone.

Translation: the inability of Republicans to legally stop the Democratic agenda is unconstitutional.

Concludes Gregg,

“We can’t sustain the debt we’re adding. Soon we’ll reach banana-republic status.”

Tough talk for a guy who voted for the Bush tax cuts and to extend them, while also voting for the Iraq War and Medicare Part D — all of which were put on the country’s credit card and now account for the bulk of our national debt.

And he was almost Obama’s Commerce Secretary.

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