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The Obama ‘product’ after promises = Moral vaporware

From the Wikipedia entry on vaporware:

The term is usually applied to products which fail to emerge after having well-exceeded the period of development time that was initially claimed or would normally be expected for the development cycle of a similar product, or when the release date is delayed repeatedly without adequate evidence of specific unforeseen hurdles that cause these delays. The term implies unwarranted optimism, an as yet unannounced abandonment of a project, or sometimes even deception; that is, it may imply that the announcer knows that product development is in too early a stage to support responsible statements about its completion date, feature set, or even feasibility.

Withdrawal from Iraq and Afghanistan. Disavowal of torture. Open government. Limiting the influence of lobbyists and other special interests in the Executive Branch. Moving away from a national agenda set by the religious right. Ending corporate hand-outs. Meaningful health care and medical coverage for all Americans. Fierce advocacy of gay and lesbian rights, including the end of Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell and the “Defense” of Marriage Act.

These are all “products” announced by Candidate Obama, products that allowed the Democratic Party to corner the market in national politics. But the release date for these products has consistently been set back, features have been eliminated and the primary user base — we, the American people — are ignored by a marketing department that insists on tailoring the products to maximize revenue rather than provide a quality item.

How is this not vaporware?

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Gregory Gadow

Gregory Gadow