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Health Care “Reform” a la The Democratic Party: The Sham We Needed

Hamsher here asks today for people to sound off on the health care reform issue.

In response, I’ll make my views clear.

We have in the health care "reform" we are about to see a nakedly corrupt upwards wealth distribution scheme created to serve, protect, and enhance the power, wealth, and prerogatives of the health insurance and pharmaceutical cartels. This menacing legislation threatens to ensconce these cartels in Washington, DC, setting up the IRS to serve as Big Insurance’s collection agency while protecting for generations to come the entitlements and patent monopolies of Big Pharmaceuticals.

There will be no meaningful cost control in this legislation – the government will deliberately hamstring cost control, because the Democratic Party officeholders, beholden to their corporate sponsors, lobbyists, and big-dollar donors, want to enhance profits, not control costs. There will be no meaningful regulation in the legislation, either, for the same reason.

Health care overall will be more expensive and lower in quality.

There will be no public alternative in the legislation of any meaningful sort. Essentially what the Democratic Party is doing is creating a vast, compulsory market for well-connected, deep-pocketed corporate interests.

In other words, the legislation is a sham. It is being rushed through, in order to pre-empt debate and broad public awareness. It is being rushed through, so that the Democrats can enter 2010 with a fictional "reform" salable through mass media PR to the less-informed broad electorate. It is being rushed through to cement the new regime in place before anything can happen to prevent this massive service to the health insurance and pharmaceutical cartels.

However, this legislation is the sham we needed. The most respected members of the Democratic Party establishment have come out in favor of the legislation. Concurrently, figures like Jane Hamsher have made certain that we can be aware of how much money is driving these figures to say what they say and vote how they vote.

The Democratic Party has nothing to hide behind any longer. They have control, complete majority control, over the law-making components of the national government. They were elected with a profound mandate for vast change, including in the health care regime. Their extremely charismatic and popular president campaigned on a public option and taking on the insurance and pharmaceutical cartels. The Democratic Party doesn’t have so much as a fig leaf to hide behind with the deeply corrupted, sham "reform" they are about to produce.

So the time is no longer to debate foregone conclusions – such as health care "reform", or escalation in Afghanistan, or inaction on climate change. The time is here for people who feel the alienation, who can see with our own eyes, unfiltered, the corruption of the national Democratic Party, to break away from this party. The time is here to punish the Party’s establishment, to threaten it, to consign it to the same place in history as the Republican Party, where it belongs. The time is here for leader figures in the grassroots base to show us the path away from the Democrats.

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