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An Invitation to De-Lurk

Photo by Will Montague

Photo by Will Montague

It’s a pretty contentious time in the blogosphere. People have very different opinions about what should happen with health care reform — at FDL, we’re working to kill the Senate bill, while the top-rated diary at Kos is “Thank you Senator Reid, Senate leadership, and Staff.” Emotions are running high. Last night, this top-rated diary — which was written in response to this post that I wrote about people on the left and right joining together to oppose the Senate bill — alarmed a lot of people and brought them over here.

All of these things are okay. It’s good to have diversity of opinion and healthy debate. It’s up to every individual to choose the community they feel comfortable in, where they feel like their views will be respected and they can express themselves.

Last night, we had an enormous influx of registrations for our diary blog, the Seminal, after I wrote a “welcome” post for people who want to join our community.  I hope that today, they’re busy writing diaries and getting to know the other members.

But, it’s probably time for another “invitation to de-lurk.” If you’re someone who reads our posts, but doesn’t generally join in the back-and-forth, we want to hear from you today. So, if you haven’t done so, please register and let us know what you think about what’s happening in health care reform.

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Jane Hamsher

Jane Hamsher

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