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Photo by Will Montague

Photo by Will Montague

I see that this is the top-rated diary at Daily Kos, with hundreds of approving recommends.  I just want to say that I think it’s wonderful that everyone has a place that they feel they can express their feelings, and Kos has become a place where this kind of diary gets championed.

I consider it a mark of our success in shifting the debate on health care totally off its predicted axis that so much passion is being devoted to countering us.  Everyone does that in a way that makes  their online community feel comfortable.

I just want to remind everyone that we have a lively diary blog at The Seminal, with a community of really smart and thoughtful people.  Every day, there are incredible posts by people like Ruth Calvo and Jason Rosenbaum and Derrick Crowe, Oilfieldguy and  Jim White and Jill Richardson and SouthernDragon.  It reminds me of the spirit of the early days of the blogosphere, when people were willing to look outside the box for answers and hadn’t committed themselves to rigid political camps and personalities who shouldn’t be questioned.

I’m not afraid to join cause with the libertarians if they’re right about something, as I wrote the other day — new and interesting alliances are the lifeblood of change.  We have a difference of opinion over what we think the role of government should be, but I think they’re coming from an honest position.

If looking for new and innovative ways to tackle old problems is something you find exciting, sign up over at the Seminal and join us.

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Jane Hamsher

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