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Maine’s Christian Civic League Is On A Witchhunt!

To be completely honest, I’m not sure how to write up this lunacy… but Mike Hein , er,  “the Christian Civic League staff” seems to SERIOUSLY have it in for Kennebec County Democratic Chair Rita Moran– and has for quite awhile now.

With its colorful exterior, Apple Valley Books is certainly the most cheerful looking store in the small town of Winthrop, Maine.  Painted yellow and blue, the storefront resembles a toy store more than a bookstore, and the colorful colors cry out “Come in! Have fun and enjoy our wares!”

Okay, sounds nice enough so far… almost like an endorsement for the place.


The customer  opens the door to see a brightly-lit, well-kept store. There on the right, however, is an unusual sight. Atop a tall bookshelf sits a large horned devil. The visitor quickly passes by, past rows of bookshelves with nondescript books, and nothing remarkable meets the eye until the section  marked “Teenage.”

Curiously, the top three shelves of this “Teenage” section offer one paranormal-themed book after another.

This section is arranged so that an unsuspecting teen is easily lured into occult literature.

On the opposite side of the store, New Age materials are mixed in carelessly with Bibles and a few other Christian books.

Close to the counter, where the owner sits, is a section dedicated to the occult. There one finds scores of books on how to practice witchcraft and cast spells. In a word, the section is about ritual magic.

Eeks! The Horror! (btw, “ritual magic” is 2 words, numbnuts…)

Hate to tell these schmucks at CCL that Augusta’s ‘Barnes & Noble’ has the same selection and more… or that the same Augusta area contains a Wal-Mart, mixing displays of “inspirational books” in the same building as “Twilight” movies, books, knock off merchandise, etc… and they also had a big section of Halloween merchandise!

Don’t get me started on the nearby iParty store…

 Travel an hour or so up I-95 to the Bangor area and you come to a high school full of witches- in fact, I am a 3rd generation alumni of the school!

Yet I have never heard of a single protest regarding the Brewer Witches by CCL/MFPC… an oversight, I’m sure.

Visitors to Rita Moran’s bookstore will see that the occult is mixed in with the ordinary so as to almost be imperceptible. In the same way, the forces of darkness operate unnoticed in our civic life disguised as “marriage equality” (homosexual marriage) or “freedom of choice,” (abortion) and few citizens are brave enough to call these practices what they really are – evil.

Perhaps it is time to look at politics in Maine with a more discerning eye. The very least we can do is to ask that our political leaders – including those who support abortion and homosexual marriage – stop offering books about witchcraft and vampirism to the public, especially our precious young people.

What next? Boycott of Disney/ The Disney Channel for its Halloweentown series or Time Warner Cable for broadcasting the movies ever year?

A sloppy mess with obvious motives…

Okay, we get it. CCL/MFPC administrator Mike Hein, who announced the candidacy of endorsed Ugandan genocide supporter Bob Emrich, and his organization are now trying to smear all Democrats in Maine.

I noticed that Fisty didn’t send out this latest screed against Moran to the Blend, like he did the previous presser- nor has he followed up on his candidate’s  incredibly damaging follow-up to the Ugandan story.


Hein stated back in August that in 2007, Moran cast a spell on him– but he got better.

A wonderful writeup on Dirigo Blue regarding Hein a Christian Civic League Staff Member‘s foray into the occult. Some snips:

My guess is that Hein the “staff member” is not allowed to go the grocery store, for surely he would not be able to differentiate between the 100% frozen juice concentrates and those whose principle ingredient is fructose. Or that he would err by purchasing cans of refried beans containing lard for that Mexican Night his wife planned for their vegetarian friends. Items at a supermarket have their contents labeled to help a shopper ensure they purchase what they want; book are not too different.

Somehow Barnes and Noble, a national chain, does not create the same fear in Hein the “staff member” as Apple Valley Books does, despite that you can purchase all the same titles there. In fact Godless won the 2004 National Book Award for Young People’s Literature. And then think of the books that Hein doesn’t mention: the Harry Potter series, The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings, etc.

Time for my own endorsement- I hearby award the Christian Civic League/ Maine Family Policy Council and all associated with the patented ‘Pam’s House Blend “Batsh*t Crazy” tag…’


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