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Late Night Literary Corner: “Joezymandias”




I met a blogger from an ill-govern’d land

Who said: “A sad & dickless egotistical toad

Sits in the Senate. Beside him only stand

Insurance comp’nies, nit-wits, a dim Pantload:

His saggy face, & smirk of self-absorbed demand,

Ensure all else his pretensions dread,

Which yet survive, stamped on his whiny puss —

The Glenn Beck suck-ups, his carp-shaped head.

And on the Fox News chyron these asshole words appear:

“I am Joezymandias, Douche of Douchebags!

Look on my filibuster, Ye Leftists, and despair!”

Nothing beside remains. Round the decay

Of that legislative wreck, uninsured & bare,

The bankrupt sick cough their life away.”

An original composition by Thers. With a slight assist from PBS.

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