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Early Morning Swim: Bernie Sanders Discusses Health Care Bill with Keith Olbermann

Well played, Rahm.

Stung by the intense White House effort to court the votes of moderate holdouts like Senator Joseph I. Lieberman, independent of Connecticut, and Senator Ben Nelson, Democrat of Nebraska, liberals are signaling that they have compromised enough. Grass-roots groups are balking, liberal commentators are becoming more critical of the president, some unions are threatening to withhold support and Howard Dean, the former Democratic Party chief, is urging the Senate to kill its health bill. […]

In an interview on Thursday, Mr. Sanders, another advocate of a single-payer system, said he was not certain how he would vote on the bill, though Democratic leaders have been assuming he would back it in the end.

“I don’t sleep well,” Mr. Sanders said. “I am struggling with this issue very hard, trying to sort out what is positive in this bill, what is negative in the bill, what it means for our country if there is no health insurance legislation, when we will come back to it.”

The senator added, “And I have to combine that with the fact that I absolutely know that the insurance companies and the drug companies will be laughing all the way to the bank the day after this is passed.”

Sanders makes a good point in the clip. If they knew all along they were going to bend over for the likes of Lieberman and Nelson et al, they should have set expectations accordingly and not over-promised.

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