On C-span right this minute Senator Collins, Senator Voinovich, Senator Liarman have put together a panel of "experts" Greenspan etc to discuss our national debt.

The very people who brought our nation to the brink by pushing for and lying about a completely unnecessary war and I believe all voted for Bush’s massive tax cuts.

Go check it out. But be careful if you are vulnerable to strokes or have cardiac issues. This hypocrisy could push you off the cliff.

Flipping the script
Liarman has put together a panel with Alan Greenspan on it this morning to discuss our national debt. What fucking nerve. Liarman’s support of Bush’s tax cuts, the illegal and immoral war. have cost this country billions. Would someone please kick Liarmans ass. Just kick his lying arrogant ass. He is the slime ball of slime balls.

Along with Voinovich, Collins. Do they think they can actually get away with this