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Pls show your support for Sen. Burris at the NBC poll

They are now running a story on Senator Burris yesterday statements:

While Burris made similar statements in the past, his voice becomes proportionately more important as the bill moves closer to becoming a reality.
Burris is in the (un)fortunate position of being able to stand up for his principles. He’s not running for a full term — and probably wouldn’t win one if he did — so he has no voters to please. Therefore, he says, he’s demanding a few concessions of his own.

"My colleagues may have forged a compromise bill that can achieve the 60 votes that will be needed for it to pass. But until this bill addresses cost, competition and accountability in a meaningful way, it will not win mine."

Pls show that you appreciate him making a stand for progressive healthcare, by voting "thrilled" at the poll!

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