I am so confused. Obama ran on more humane health care access, Hw talked about busting up the fat cats who take advantage, and absolutely NO MANDATES…NO MANDATES.

So now here we stand, No single payer. No public option. No Medicare buy in.

Dr. Dean (who I have a great deal of respect for), Wendell Potter, Glenn Greenwald, Jane Hamsher, Katrina Van Heudel (sp) “The Nation”. Scarecrow who all understand this process, the bill far more than I do. You folks have determined that there is not enough left in the bill that is a benefit to the uninsured, and a huge give away to insurance companies that have been ripping Americans off for decades through over priced policies.

Then I hear Senator Harkin and Senator Sherrod Brown (who I really trust) tell the public that there is enough in the bill to move it forward. That we may not have another opportunity like this. That we can add additions to this bill later.

What I really do not understand is how can they call a give away to private insurance companies a positive, “moving forward.”

How can they call a “mandate” a positive? Obama ran on NO MANDATES.

I am so confused. Just what the Rethugs want.