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Jane Makes Lanny Davis Call for a Waaammmbulance!

You won’t want to miss this segment of the Ed Show. Lanny Davis, who’s done as much as any corporate Democrat to attack liberal positions on behalf of corporate interests, has been doing the circuit to defend the travesty Senate health bill, attacking those furious at Joe Lieberman and the White House for fronting a bill his firm’s clients want.

But Lanny has saved his worst to go after Jane Hamsher for her efforts to show the links between veal pen advocacy groups and the money they pay to the spouses of elected officials. The Village would prefer to sweep that subtle corruption under the rug.

While Lanny complains about "personal attacks," he personally attacks Jane. Bad move.

Jane does her homework and when she’d done, the central question for the segment is "which drug companies and health corporations are you speaking for when you tout this bill?" Lanny wobbles, dodges and then gets "Who’s paying you to be here?" Lanny goes down for the count.

After just one round with Jane on the Ed Show, Lanny’s credibility was in need of a waaaambulance. He was last seen being wheeled out on Joe Lieberman’s gurney, on the way to the emergency ward.

I’m sure Lanny has great insurance himself. But unfortunately, in the following segment Laura delivers the final blow: the providers may hold off treatment when they realize that Lanny’s reputation suffers from a pre-existing condition. This case has "Rescission" stamped all over it.

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Jane Makes Lanny Davis Call for a Waaammmbulance!



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