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Uganda, Like Everywhere Else We’ve Been in Africa, Is Vegetarian Friendly!


Before we left on our trip, many of our friends in family asked "how are you going to be vegetarian in Africa? there’s nothing for you to eat there." Well, they couldn’t have been more wrong. We found Uganda to be very vegetarian friendly (as was Ethiopia, Kenya and Tanzania) — especially in Kampala where many restaurants now have vegetarian sections to their menu (with wide variety that extends beyond traditional Indian or Chinese food).

We also found veg friendly food even traveling outside of Kampala, including this traditional Ugandan meal served at a restaurant in the Mukono District. We had the pleasure of eating with the founders of Developing Innovations in School Cultivation (or Project DISC), a terrific organization part of Slow Food International, which educates children about good nutrition and works with schools to build gardens.

We ate fresh avocado, a local staple called posho (or maize flower), matooke (or banana), rice, and cassava. Served with the meal was a dipping sauce made of ground nuts and tomatoes cooked in a covered box sauce pan. Most of the vegetarian food is served in Uganda is steamed — usually using banana leaves on the bottom.

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