The only way the Chamber of Commerce can get people to agree with them on health care? Hooters.

The insurance industry’s allies – in this instance, the ultra-right wing Chamber of Commerce – seems to have run into some tough times. It looks like the only way they can get people to get involved with their anti-health care campaign is to offer free gift certificates to Hooters:

Online ads have popped up lately, telling readers that they can win a $150 Amex Gift Card for use at Hooters, if they complete a survey about other offers. One of those urges them to sign up for "free emails" from the Chamber of Commerce, which will explain "how to protect your family’s future and bring common sense solutions to the health-care debate." In other words, getting involved with the Chamber’s campaign against reform. These "incentivized ads" appear to be the favored new tactic of lobbying groups looking to generate the appearance of grassroots support for their positions.

This is of a piece with the astroturfing Blue Cross Blue Shield, AHIP, and the rest of the insurance industry is running, giving away fake "money" in popular online games like Mafia Wars and Farmville in exchange for sending anti-reform letters to Congress:

"Get Health Reform Right" has been caught offering Facebook users this "virtual currency" if they submit a form telling their Congressional representative "to get health reform right."

There’s a lot of real fury out there right now about health reform. A ton of it is coming from the left. The right-wing, a handful of whom ironically showed up at the Senate yesterday for a "die-in," has to pay people to support their messages and get involved with their campaigns.

This tactic is one only the insurance industry, run by Wall Street businessmen, could endorse: If you can’t get the people on your side for real, pay them to do it.

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