Supposedly today AFTAH leader Peter LaBabera received a hateful letter from “KFED” that said,

“YOU will BURN IN HELL for spewing your garbage water and spreading hatred through this world. Thank GOD your views ar a DYING BREED because gay rights ARE HERE FOREVER! We will all enjoy each other's company in heaven while you SLAVE AWAY FOR SATAN!”

First, I can't imagine any gay person getting up at 8am (around the time the message was sent) and thinking about Peter. Second, the language sounds more like some looney born-again sod, but it must be from a homosexual if the “KFED” poster alludes to their sexuality, don't ya think?

Baffled that someone could possibly think him evil, Peter ominously warned, “Homosexuals who appropriate the Bible to justify their embrace of sin are treading on very dangerous ground: I fear these poor souls one day will reap the punishment that they wish upon us.”


How Godly he speaketh, especially when he's and his organization anything but.


Apparently it's okay to lie and lie and lie some more about an entire community, say horrible, hateful things on a DAILY basis about the same community, help prevent any laws protecting that community, or incite violence against that community but it is definitely not okay to voice your disdain for the people who do it.

I do not agree with the supposed email author's words but if you take a look at AFTAH's website, similar words are used against us on every page, every day.

Boohoo, Peter. Boohoo.



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