Well, you worked hard to get Democratic majorities in the House and senate, and on a campaign for CWCBI (Change We Can Believe In) to advance health care, exit two ruinous wars, clean up the environment, and to attempt to stop our favorite northernmost ball of mud becoming a baked Alaska.

CWCBI has come to mean Conservatives Will Continue Blocking Innovation, and the Change We Can Believe In has come to mean the coins in your pocket. It was not a lie, but a brilliant deception.

This deception now culminates in the wonderful, fulfilling, responsive, Health Care Reform Bill, aka: “You’ll be Paying Breathing Tax.” If you believed Social Security tax, Sales Taxes and Property Taxes to be regressive, You haven’t seen ANYTHING yet! Those are mere piker’s taxes!

The moneyed interests have now devised a plan to push you into poverty, using your favorite Government bureaucracy, the IRS, as the collection agency for the Insurance Industry – a brilliant move, because the Insurance Companies can now drop their sales, marketing and collection activities, and have outsourced the work to the Government. Not only do they no longer have to pay collections charges, they get to keep 30% of the money the taxpayer has to contribute!

Brilliant. Shift the cost of collections and the cost of sales and the cost of marketing to the taxpayers, and pocket the profit. Just brilliant.

Thank you oh great Baucus, have $1,000 for your “campaign contributions.” Now, Baucus, tell us what you’re going to deliver next? Estate taxes?

The poor tax payer, who now has to contribute 15% of their emoluments for social security, plus about 2% for Medicare, and now MUST contribute ANOTHER 20% of the first dollar they earn to the FIRE segment, who have NO normal business costs (Marketing, sales & collections).

37% of the first many thousand dollars earned , with sales taxes, 8% to 15%, Rent, and Property taxes. That’s 100% of the first $10,000 to $15,000 extracted before buying any food. Now to move on to the last drop of blood we can squeeze out of these indigents. Oh, not indigent? Just wait until your house get foreclosed.

Ha! And you were promised no new taxes by Obama. Well with an effective 100% tax rate on your first $15,000 of your income, how do you feel about the chosen one today?

Screwed? Not surprising you feel that way! But most of you are still going along with it. Oh, by the way, because of Guns, God and Gays, we’ve kept you divided from the others, smarter than you, who have figured out this scheme, the Teabaggers. Let’s hope Faux Noise can keep the divisiveness going for many years to come. All hail Ailes, O’Reilly, Woopert, and Sean H. All hail!!!

You though you had taken back control. Well welcome to the perfect (your benefit) is the enemy of the good (for us)..

Disclaimer: No scientific data was used in this diary. It was all written as I bent over clasping my ankles, waiting for the Audacity of Hope.



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