health care joke

obstructing health care reform is the same as murdering 47000 people a year the number of people who die due to lack of HC insurance. lieberman, nelson, baucus and the total number of republicans are murderous in their obstruction positions. lieberman is the kind of jew who would have helped the nazis during the 2nd world war. his wife is just as bad. what faith takes the position of allowing 47000 people to die when it is in their power to not do so. where is the clergy on the HC impasse. i have had a sinking feeling, same with clinton, that the president we elected is allowing the right wing crazies (including palin and mccain) to intimidate him. i dont understand the total lack of compassion on the part of all the republicans and the
few democrats who are for the insurance companies and not the people they were elected to represent. and what is it with needing 60 votes to pass anything? democracy down the tubes?

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