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Glenn Greenwald on MSNBC: “This Bill Does More Harm Than Good”

Glenn Greenwald was on MSNBC with David Shuster today to talk about his Salon piece, in which he states that LieberCare delivers everything the White House wanted all along:

In essence, this reinforces all of the worst dynamics of Washington. The insurance industry gets the biggest bonanza imaginable in the form of tens of millions of coerced new customers without any competition or other price controls. Progressive opinion-makers, as always, signaled that they can and should be ignored (don’t worry about us — we’re announcing in advance that we’ll support whatever you feed us no matter how little it contains of what we want and will never exercise raw political power to get what we want; make sure those other people are happy but ignore us). Most of this was negotiated and effectuated in complete secrecy, in the sleazy sewers populated by lobbyists, industry insiders, and their wholly-owned pawns in the Congress. And highly unpopular, industry-serving legislation is passed off as “centrist,” the noblest Beltway value.

No wonder Obama is thanking Lieberman for his fine work, and Howard Dean is an “irritant.

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Jane Hamsher

Jane Hamsher

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