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We Need $120,000 to Run a TV Ad in Nevada against Harry Reid

We sent this email to FDL activists this morning. -MW

Goal ThermometerHarry Reid said Joe Lieberman was the least of his health care worries. He said Joe is a “good man” who is “with us on everything but the war.”

I guess that’s why Reid is letting Lieberman write the health care bill.

Public option – GONE. Medicare expansion – GONE. Joe says he’s looking around for other things he might want to take out of the health care bill, because “Democrats haven’t given up enough yet.”

But it’s not over yet. Harry Reid fears one thing more than Joe Lieberman, and that’s losing his own seat. He’s up for reelection next year, and with a 38% approval rating, the Senate Majority Leader is trailing “generic Republican opponent” by ten points.

You’ve already contributed to our efforts, but we’re asking you to step up again.

We need to immediately raise at least $120,000 to run a TV ad in Reid’s home state of Nevada to save health care reform from Joe Lieberman and the insurance industry. Click here to donate now.

Just how bad will the bill be if Lieberman gets his way?

  1. Mandates every American buy expensive insurance from private companies without the choice of a public option
  2. Severely taxes middle class health care plans, rather than wealthy individuals
  3. Insurance premiums will increase in cost $1000 a year
  4. Increased health care costs
  5. Insurance companies will be exempt from anti-trust laws, inhibiting competition
  6. A sweet, sweet deal for PhRMA with no ability to negotiate for Medicare drug prices
  7. Monopolies granted on new biologic drugs so they will never become generics
  8. NO public option
  9. NO medicare expansion

For good measure, Reid slipped in an annual limit on benefits that insurance companies have to pay out, contrary to President Obama’s promise in September. And to top it all off, the IRS fines you if you won’t shell out money to insurance companies!

I don’t know about you, but if I wanted John McCain’s health care plan, I would’ve voted for John McCain. He would have let Lieberman write the health care bill, too.

Reid can restore democracy to the country and the Senate. The majority in both want a strong public option. If Reid goes through “reconciliation” and tells Lieberman to piss off, majority rules. If Reid caves to Lieberman, it’s because he’s too weak to stand up for the American people.

Don’t let Reid invite the disaster in 2010 for the Democratic Party and his own reelection that befell John McCain in 2008.

Can you please help us again by donating $50, $100, $250 or more? We need your help to run a TV ad in Nevada telling Harry Reid to be brave — or lose his seat. Click here to donate.

Your contributions have brought us too far to give up now. The window to pass any real health care reform is closing by the minute. We need your help.

Thanks so much for all you do.

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Michael Whitney

Michael Whitney

My name is Michael Whitney. I'm a progressive online organizer working with FDL Action. Rush Limbaugh called me "clueless" once. He went into rehab two days later.