The F Word: Holiday News Jingle

It’s holiday season, and I’ve been feeling too grumpy to take the news “straight.” So I came up for a ditty for today. You’re welcome to send me yours ( Here’s mine:

The President asked the banks to meet, and the bankers said they might, but the weather was just too awful and the timing was too tight.

The banks are still too big, it seems, and we’ve only watched them grow. Poverty’s up, but what to do? Hell if Geithner knows.

On the healthcare front, there’s Lieberman, whose voter calls him Joe. Every health reform he once approved, well, now the answer’s no.

Fifty votes was once a lot, now Harry says that’s few. So hey ho Joe. Way to go. Here’s to health care just for you!

In Cokenhagen, the climate’s hot. Island nations are on the brink. If we don’t act, and make a pact, that’s it. Millions will sink.

Obama knows, so, back from Oslo, climate’s on his mind. There’s just one hitch. Those corporate folks. They don’t like pacts that bind.

So happy holidays all. Obama’s peace laureate for war.

That’s no mean feat. Some have hit the street. In ’10 will we see more?

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