Obama To Tell Senate Democrats Being Unprincipled Spineless Wimps Is A Good Thing

Politico is reporting that President Obama is going to tell the Democratic senators to do anything to pass a bill with the title of “health care reform. His message will be that their only goal should be to pass something with the label of “health care reform.” Getting the something labeled “health care reform” is so important that Democrats should blindingly vote yes regardless of how much damage Joe Lieberman and Ben Nelson intend to do to the bill. Obama’s message will be that the single most important thing is PR.

Standing on principle, keeping a campaign promise, actually solving our health care crisis are all a very distant second to Obama compared to the PR “win.”

Passing something called “health care reform”–even though it helps almost no one for four years, will not lower drug prices, will not slow down the out-of-control growth of health care costs, will make most Americans health insurance worse, will leave millions uninsured, provide no competition for the insurance companies, and not end medical bankruptcy in this country–is all that matters to Obama.

Obama might convince the Senate Democratic caucus that giving up all their principles to appease Joe Lieberman is a smart move. I don’t think he will ever convince the American people to vote en masse for a party that looks like it is made up of only unprincipled spineless wimps.

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