New Ad in Nebraska-Future for Dems Bleak.

The new ad being played in Nebraska (and I would guess elsewhere) suggests that health care reform is a way to go after "the little guys" by forcing them to buy over-priced insurance or fining them and putting them in jail. It plays out the worst case scenario of having just lost your job and being "forced" to pay for insurance or face a 1500.00$ fine.

It plays on fears of the average American who would rather die than have the government force them into jail for not being able to afford health care.

This is the scenario for many Americans who after losing one job in the family cannot afford to pay 1000.00$ a month in health care and currently go without in order to take a chance at keeping their housing or food on the table. Health care problems are a "distant" problem for folks who are trying to survive day to day and pay check to pay check. The thought that many of us would be forced to pay exorbitant prices is a fear that works well for the Republicans and they are already playing this hand.

So, once a "bad bill" or a "less than helpful" bill is passed, even if it "saves 150,000 thousand lives" as Ezra Klein stated on Olbermann last night, (will have clip when available)it will have a devastating effect on many middle income people facing job loss. Here is my situation. My husband is a union electrician with the IBEW. He is facing a lay off very soon. I am a self employed mental health care therapist. We are covered by his health care. If he loses his job, I will be forced to find a full time job, or pay roughly 1200, for an inferior health care plan. This is money I don’t have. I suppose their are options but for many in less occupations with less demand, the future likely looks scary and bleak. If these people don’t find relief in the new bill, it will be nothing but a nightmare for them. What will this do to the party. If I do have to find a new job, and give up my private practice, it is not likely that I will be thrilled to vote the same crew into office. (and Ben Nelson will not get a vote from me for any reason.)

The bigger picture may mean that the dems lose the majority and that the deaths to Americans far out number the lives saved by this "less than helpful" bill. If this happens the Republicans will have their "talking point" despite the fact that by fighting the public option they were fighting the solution to exorbitant health care insurance. The dems will not offer a plan that gives true relief to the masses, and so the masses will experience the new bill as a "burden". And for those who don’t experience job loss, the fear of it, is way too close to home. Many will not realize the benefit to those who lives are saved by this bill, and will only feel the pain caused by passage of an inferior health care reform. The bottom line is that even still many lives will be lost due to this problem of unaffordable health care.

Nope, despite the fact that this new bill would save some lives, the bigger picture could be greater costs to American lives in the long run. I think it’s quite possible that passing this bill could mean the end of the Obama administration, the end of hope for change, and hello to another Republican administration where even more than the 150,000 lives that might be saved from passage of this bill, will be lost.

See the republican way as evidenced by the war in Iraq, 911, anthrax, and Katrina.

We need to look at the big picture, not just the little picture and the immediate fix. This problem will not go away. The Lieberman’s and Nelson’s are being reinforced in their behavior when they are placated. The insurance companies are being rewarded and this will not amount to a change, it rewards the status quo.

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