We’ve all heard the old saw which likens the legislative process to making sausage – nobody really wants to see how it’s made.

How true.

And yet the health care reform bill is something worse than odd bits pulled together, churned and pressed into a tasty product. It’s a kaiju, a strange being cobbled together from parts and pieces, stitched in a desperate fashion, with hope that it will resemble a living functional entity at the end of the process.

But it will be a chimera which may not survive its freakish birthing process, and may terrify us if it does.

We’ll all of us, across the spectrum of politics, point at it while gasping as if we were Japanese villagers confronting Godzilla. We’ll be forced to make a life around this beast, and some of us may die at its hands. Over time we will come to own the creature and sublimate it into our culture like the scary things which arrive at our door every Hallow’s Eve and welcome with smiles and candy.

Tthe real monsters, thought, aren’t the unintended outcomes of the legislative sausage factory.

The real monsters are the ones who worked in the dark, outside of the public’s view, stitching away with bad faith and corrupted twine to create this beast, just as it was Doctor Frankenstein and not the poor creature he made which should have earned our enmity. Herr Frankenstein believed he was above and beyond natural law, working without regard for the impact of his handiwork on humanity, sewing up this beast in manner which suited his desires without respect for either the materials in his hands or the process by which he brought them to life.

It is this self-indulgent lack of awareness which is the immoral fundament of monstrosity.

It’s with this in mind that we recognize the real monsters, the true architects of this mashed-up mess.



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