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Lieberman Says Dorgan Drug Reimportation Can Not Be Part of LieberCare

Dorgan had the votes to pass his drug reimportation amendment, which would have saved the public over $100 billion and the government $19 billion.

But Joe Lieberman says it can’t be part of LieberCare, so I’m afraid the cost curve will have to be bent by making your health insurance worse.

Next up:  the sham Lautenberg amendment, which inserts a poison pill into reimportation by pretending that drugs from CVS warehouses in Canada are really packed with rat poison in Chinese sweat shops.

Will Joe allow that to be part of LieberCare?  Stay tuned!

Update: DDay says Durbin actually whipped Lieberman to vote “against.”  Go PhRMA!

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Jane Hamsher

Jane Hamsher

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