The Failed President and the Failed Senators Announce a “Win”

Today, standing alongside the failed Senate Democratic Majority Leader and other failed Senate Democrats, President Obama acknowledged that we have big problems in our health care system and that we have to fix them. Then he started a new pr campaign to sell as the solution to our problems a bill that includes no real reform and that won’t fix the problems.

President Obama declared, “Now that the legislation has gone from watered down reform to no reform at all, let’s get this done!

Audacious. Hopeful. Indeed.

While ignoring the fact that there were bills in the House and Senate that would have done so much more at a much lower cost, the president told us that they have to pass this bill, or the crisis will get worse. In essence, we’re being asked to forget the fact that this bill is far inferior to all previous proposals, which in themselves were already full of concessions made by Progressives so that we can get some level of reform.

But now that there’s nothing of real reform left to concede to so-called moderate Democrats, the President wants everyone to know that he’s fired up and ready to go.

And rather than oppose this bill as the garbage that it is, a bill that no longer even contains a scrap of what can be called real reform, Senate Democrats have gone into full sales mode to push it on the American people as if it were reform, though it is not.

On MSNBC’s Countdown with Keith Olbermann, for example, Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR) twisted logic left, right, and backwards in an effort to sell this piece of shit to the American people.

“If this bill fails,” he said, it’ll prove to future generations that the insurance lobbyists are too strong and that it’s too difficult to reform the system.


The bill has failed already, senator. The moment you agreed to stop fighting for real health care reform, it failed.

And the only lesson to be learned from your failure – a lesson that needs to be learned as soon as possible – is that Americans cannot trust Democrats just because they make promises that sound better than the other guys’ promises.

But the most shameless act of the day was Senator John Kerry (D-MA) sending out yet another obnoxious Democratic Party approved email, this one on behalf of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) to warn us all about the insidious threat to our way of life posed by people who hang tea bags from their rearview mirrors.


Yes, on the same day that President Obama stood alongside a handful of failed Senate Democrats to announce that they’re too incompetent to advance real health care reform and that the country will just have to accept the shit that they’re going to pass and call health care reform instead (though it could potentially make the problems in our health care system worse), Senator Kerry wants you to know what’s really at stake in the 2010 midterm elections.


Kerry thinks you’re stupid enough to believe that Senate Democrats who can’t lead – despite having a supermajority, thanks to voters across the country who believed their promises and who forked over money to them so that they could have a supermajority – aren’t to blame for failing to advance real reform.

No. GOP obstructionism is to blame, Kerry insists. And he wants you to believe that senators inspired by Sarah Palin and the tea party crowd are the real threat.


“In case you doubt the seriousness of this situation, here are a couple of examples:

• Republican Senate candidates, including Mark Kirk of Illinois, are actively seeking Sarah Palin’s endorsement and they are disavowing their own past positions, contorting themselves to appeal to the new Sarah Palin Republicans. They know that if they receive her blessing, the money will follow.

• The leading GOP Senate candidate in Connecticut, Rob Simmons, has been running around the state with a tea bag hanging from his rearview mirror, and he carries a copy of the United States Constitution with a tea bag attached. Such tactics might seem silly. But they’re working.”

Senate Democrats aren’t only incompetent; they’re afraid of a GOP Senate candidate who hangs a tea bag from his rearview mirror.

And they think that we should be afraid of such moronic nonsense, too.


On the same day that Obama and Senate Democrats announced that they’ve failed to reform health care, Kerry wants us to be worrying about people who hang tea bags from their rearview mirrors?

And don’t support more Progressive Democratic Senate candidates, Kerry says.


“Donate to the DSCC. Every dollar you give will help build the grassroots organizations we need to support our incumbents, challenge ridiculous attacks and get each and every Democrat to the polls. It’s the kind of effort we need to keep America moving in the right direction.”

Kerry Signature

What can I say? If you’re afraid of people who hang tea bags on their rearview mirrors, then by all means whip out your checkbooks and donate to the DSCC.

John Kerry and his fellow incumbent Democrats have the right stuff to save you from tea bags that hang from rearview mirrors.

But if you think that achieving real health care reform is more important, then please take a look at Blue America!

[Originally posted at Circleparkforum.]