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Obama indicated he would ‘weigh in’ when HCR legislation got to conference but he has already weighed in, lying to the public (and not having anyone in the CMM call him on it) about the Senate legislation having what all economists indicate are ALL the cost bending components that there are being in the legislation and speaking out in favor of the Senate legislation.
Even going to arm twisting to defeat the re-importation of legal drugs and striking the ability of medicare to negotiate drug pricing(like the VA does).

HCAN -and some Senators are of the same perspective- says, "But bowing to reality, Health Care for America Now, the influential coalition of liberal activist groups (members include, the NAACP, the AFL-CIO and the American Nurses Assn.), plans to send a letter to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) this afternoon calling for passage of the legislation, said the group’s campaign manager, Richard Kirsch.

“There are major problems with the Senate bill,” Kirsch said in an interview today. “But if the Senate doesn’t act, there will be no healthcare reform. … The place to fix [the Senate bill] is in a conference committee” with House and Senate leaders at the table.

Well, I’m writing this to indicate to others that such ‘hope’ to "fix [the Senate bill] is in a conference committee” with House and Senate leaders at the table." is just more lying by those who have taken your money and your trust.

Think about what has occurred; a bill without the competitive force of a public option, or the opportunity for millions to buy into Medicare, without cheaper pharmaceuticals or meaningful controls on premiums, without bans on benefit caps or loophole-free safeguards against rescission, but with an individual mandate.

Now look at how legislation is made law:
Step12: Conference Committee
“If the second chamber to consider a bill changes it significantly, a “conference committee” made up of members of both chambers will be formed. The conference committee works to reconcile differences between the Senate and House versions of the bill. If the committee cannot agree, the bill simply dies. If the committee does agree on a compromise version of the bill, they prepare a report detailing the changes they have proposed. Both the House and Senate must approve the report of the conference committee or the bill will be sent back to them for further work.

Step 13: Final Action – Enrollment
Once both the House and Senate have approved the bill in identical form, it becomes “Enrolled” and sent to the President of the United States. The President may sign the bill into law. The President can also take no action on the bill for ten days while Congress is in session and the bill will automatically become law. If the President is opposed to the bill, he can “veto” it. If he takes no action on the bill for ten days after Congress has adjourned their second session, the bill dies. This action is called a “pocket veto.”

Step 14: Overriding the Veto
Congress can attempt to “override” a presidential veto of a bill and force it into law, but doing so requires a 2/3 vote by a quorum of members in both the House and Senate.”

So given how we have got to this point, if the ‘progressives’ in the House (or Senator Sanders in the Senate) stand up for what they think is right (meaning a refusal to accept what the Senate has done and recognizing that if Senate ‘leaders(what a misnomer)’ ‘compromise’ with House leaders on some issues and then try to have the Senate approve such ‘compromises’, knowing that such won’t be accepted by those in the Senate who have already sold out the public), then the bill will die.

So the time to ‘kill the bill’ is now, letting ObamaRahma and Reid and Baucus and Kerry know that what they have ‘wrought’ is simply unacceptable. ESPECIALLY IN VIEW OF THE REPUBLICANS USING THE RECONCILIATION PROCESS TO PUSH THRU TAX CUTS FOR THE WEALTHY.

I would also mention what I wrote to David at the ‘news desk’; what’s with this so called ‘timeline’ for passing HCR legislation? Particuarly in view that most of the legislation won’t be in effect for years AND that there is lots of legislation that dealt with financial issues passed where such financial issues were made retroactive to the first of the year that such legislation was passed in.

Is it because getting re-elected is more important than paying attention to the people’s business? /S

And those who think ObamaRahma will have an impact in ‘conference’, please don’t think they haven’t already taken steps. Just look at what Pelosi and Hoyer have been saying over the past couple of days.

And just an aside to iterate the deception ObamaRahma practices:
"But if you think the news means we’re finally about to get the full story on the Valerie Plame leak, or the deliberations that took us to war in Iraq, think again. Many of the roughly 22 million emails secured through the deal likely won’t be made public until 2022. And even the ones that can be released sooner won’t see the light of day for around three years."

Oh, and a last note of a ‘marketing’ ploy used VERY successfully and is being used now in regards about the why killing the Senate bill is not something to be done (and I urge everyone to be calling,writing Senator Sanders and telling him to withhold his vote as well as the Progressive Caucus members of the House); that ploy is called ‘FUD’,’fear,uncertainty,and doubt’.

Don’t give into it.

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